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Once you arrive at Vassiliki follow the road towards the center of the village and after the harbour follow the little uphill road, the way to Kolivata. Our accommodation is located after 300 meters approximately from the center of Vassiliki and next to the four beautiful beaches of Kolivata.
Lefkada is one of the seven Ionian islands and is connected with the mainland of Greece ( Aitoloakarnania ) through a drawbridge. The capital is located on the north side of the island and is:
- 38 km away from Vassiliki
- 380 km away from Athens
- 420 km away from Thessaloniki
- 18 km away from the airport of Aktion.
There are daily flights from Athens to Aktion and two per week from Thessaloniki and Crete. There is a daily bus service from Vassiliki to Lefkada as well.
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